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You will always find a good sense of confidence and comfort with the best security systems in place. For the past one decade, research has been done to review and rank the best home alarms and security systems to find the companies that self-assistance. In this case, these companies can be trusted to protect our families. Below is the best picks of the home security systems.

What makes for a good home alarm system?

The experience earned by a home alarm system company is what makes the difference with the home security systems. The best home security company will always want to provide you with the best alarm system that suits your specific needs. For this reason, the company would not want to outsell you an unnecessary apparatus as well as giving you pressure to go beyond your budget. They never want you to engage in unwanted surprises after signing the contract.

Over the years, the best home security system always wants to excel in the following four areas.

  • Technology integration
  • Equipment selection
  • Affordability and pricing
  • Customer service experience

The self-assurance that your life and home is secure is the only thing you are looking for in the security system even you are never at home. The only thing that can mark a home security system best for you is the fact that it suits your home requirements. Let’s look at the top home security systems.

1. Frontpoint

Frontpoint is a no-hassle, no stress, straight home security company with a history of superior customer service delivery platform. We can use the company equipment to protect our families and homes because it is the best security systems for homes out here. For over one decade, it has remained the best. Therefore, we are confident to pick it.

Advantages of Frontpoint

  • Great value for money
  • Z-wave compatible technology
  • Smash and crash protection
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Low-pressure sales approach
  • Excellent customer service delivery

2. Link Interactive

This company offers you the small-town service delivery platform with the big guys monitoring and equipment selection. Link Interactive has been in this industry for over eight years. It is also a DIY system that was released in the market by the famous Mountain Alarm. This is a company that has served this industry for over six decades of experience. We love Link Interactive for its competitive and transparent pricing, customization options, and solid customer service.

Advantages of Link Interactive

  • The company has contracts available from 12 to 36 months.
  • Link Interactive offers Z-wave compatible technology
  • Smash and Crash Protection
  • A 30-day risk-free trial period with a money-back guarantee
  • Link Interactive has a great customer-service review
  • No installation or activation fees

3. Protect America

Protect America is one of the oldest companies issuing home security systems in the country. The company also has a solid lineup of services and products. For this reason, we are consistently impressed with the dedication of the company to excellence in customer service delivery. When talking about customer service deliver, we are talking about the company’s willingness to address all the concerns of the company accompanied by its feedbacks.

Advantages of Protect America

  • The company has a 30-day risk-free trial period with a money-back guarantee
  • Great value for money
  • No installation or activation fees
  • Locked-in rates for life
  • Lifetime warranty on any equipment

4. Vivint

Vivint has come out as one of the best home security companies in the country. For the company, it has come with a complete revamp of its business models with customers through the Vivint Flex Pay. For this reason, we are meant to think that it could be the new thing in the industry. We also like what the company is showing the universe. Moreover, we also like what Vivint’s willingness to adapt to the customer feedback. This is the reason why the company is one of the top home security system company in the industry.

Advantages of Vivint

  • The company offers free professional installation
  • Vivint offers a lifetime warranty on their equipment
  • Has two-way voice communication
  • Cellular monitoring
  • Easy-to-use, advanced technology
  • Flexible financing options

5. SimpliSafe

For most people, SimpliSafe is one of their best companies when it comes to the provision of home-based security systems. This is the best system for those who rent homes. It is coupled up with a DIY, no-contract approach to cater for your budgets in the family. It is one of the solid choices for home security. The only thing that keeps it from rising higher on this list is the lack of home automation features.

Advantages of Simplisafe

  • The company has higher user ratings
  • Easy installation
  • Low monthly monitoring costs
  • No contract available.

Things to consider before buying a home security system

Because all homes are different, some few things need to be considered before deciding the best security system for your home. You might want to check landline providers if you want to save money. You’ll also need a company that offers professional installation if you are not comfortable with the DIY installation.

DIY vs. professional security installation

Because you can save more money, be sure to use the DIY installation option provided by the home security company. Because it is easy to install, many home security companies offer DIY installation.

Wireless vs. hardwired security systems

These are terms that describe the functionality of the home security system. If they use wireless, it is the means used by the system to communicate with the centers. Hardwires are used for commercial properties.